Congratulation on your bookings for Coachman's Cottage

Please arrive anytime after 4pm to give us time to get the cottage ready for you.


Drive through Porlock and take the road to the right at the end of the village signed 'Porlock Weir'. As you leave the houses of Porlock behind you'll pass three fields on the left and then the first drive you come to, also on the left, is marked Broomclose (which is the name of the owner's house). You will see a white post against a black bin marking the entrance to the drive as you approach. At the top of the drive you'll see the cottage immediately in front of you.  

Be careful not to over shoot the drive as it's difficult to turn back up the drive when coming from Porlock Weir. It's best to reverse up the drive or go back to the village and turn around.

Sat Nav:

the postcode setting in sat navs will take you beyond the address, so do look out before it says that you have actually reached your destination!)

See pictures at the bottom:


You can park next to the gate immediately in front of the cottage.

We look forward to your stay.